No adornment so becomes you as modesty, justice, and self-control; for these are the virtues by which, as all men are agreed, the character of the young is held in restraint.

Practice self-control and do not fall under the sway of temper, pleasure, and pain.

Abhor flatterers as you would deceivers; for both, if trusted, injure those who trust them. 

Be affable in your relations with those who approach you, and never haughty; for the pride of the arrogant even slaves can hardly endure.

Be slow in deliberation, but be prompt to carry out your resolves.

The best thing which we have in ourselves is good judgment.

Constantly train your intellect for the greatest thing in the smallest compass is a sound mind in a human body.

Ego is the Enemy – Introduction

I’m currently reading this book by Ryan Holiday and I thought that rather than make a short summary and post it into my Finished Readings section, I’d dedicate a post to summarizing the teachings and what I found interesting within this book. As a stoic, I believe the lessons in this book are incredibly relevant…

Shorting VXX Using VIX Futures Ratio

Strategy This strategy is almost identical to my previous post, except with the difference being we will actually use the VIX Futures’ Term Structure this time to know exactly what the contango between the Front and Second month contracts are. Essentially, we will take the settlement prices of the previous day’s First and Second month…

Shorting VXX Using VIX/VXV Ratio

Strategy This strategy has a bit more complexity than my other posts. It is essentially taking advantage of the VIX Futures’ Term Structure. I won’t go into too much detail, but this article does a great job of explaining the nuances. A brief summary is that since VIX Futures are usually in contango, VXX managers…

TAA on 60/40 but Moving to Cash

Strategy Almost exactly the same as the Tactical Asset Allocation strategy from my previous post, however, rather than reallocating the entire portfolio to one asset when the other’s long window is below its short window, the strategy is to move to cash for that portion of the account. The interesting takeaway from this is that…